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WELCOME to Mezzo Markets

We are market Wholesaler and distributor for Food, Beverages, Fruit, Meat, etc.. located in USA. We supply all types of Italian Pasta such as Barilla, Davinci, SantAlberto etc... Olive oil such as Bertolli, Davinci & etc... Also we supply all kinds of beverages, such as Soft Drink "Coca cola ,Pepsi, Dr Pepper" & Energy Drink such as Be-Q, Red Bull & beer such as Corona, Heineken & etc..

Italian & French Wine

Great vintage wines come from all over the world. There are a lot of wine regions producing vintage wines. Some of the most popular wine regions producing vintage wines are Wine Country on the US West Coast, France and French wines, and Italy and Italian wines. Within these wine regions you can find some of the best grapes being turned into wine at the best wineries in the world.



There are many different types of pasta, a staple dish of Italian cuisine. Some pasta varieties are uniquely regional and not widely known; some types may have different names in different languages, or sometimes in the same language. For example, the cut rotelle is also called ruote in Italy and "wagon wheels" in the United States. Manufacturers and cooks often invent new shapes of pasta; or may invent new names for old shapes for marketing reasons.


Italy's Finest Olive Oils

Olio2go ® - high quality Italian olive oil from the trusted source for this most important ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet. For Italian extra virgin olive oil, Olio2go is the leading source on the Internet. Our company offers a wide selection of high quality, guaranteed 100% extra virgin olive oil from producers you can trust for the best available. No blends of other products - just Italian extra virgin olive oil.